Meet your Team
  • Founded, Designed and directed three schools for students with special learning needs.
  • Designed and directed Inclusionary programs for 24 public schools and 900+ Catholic Schools nationwide.
  • Presentations nationally on ‘Executive Function Strategies’ for students with special learning needs and several other topics relate to exceptional student education.
  • Two Master of Arts programs in Exceptional Student Education.
  • Religious Education Programs for students with special learning needs.
  • Leadership skills in teacher preparation.
  • Presenter to teachers, parents and students in regard to supports for students with special learning needs.
  • Assessment of learning disorders.
  • Building Supportive Learning Plans for students.
  • Building partnerships to support families challenged by disabilities.
Sister Gilchrist Cottrill, CE​​
Director (Head of School)
  • Teaching of Mathematics
  • Teaching of Social Studies
  • Assisting parents with financial support initiatives.
  • Building team spirit
  • Fluency in English, Polish
  • Conversational skills in Russian and German.
  • Religious Educator
  • Co-owner: Lighthouse Café, Bedford Park, IL
  • Seventeen years of service in exceptional student education.
Pawel Lipinski
  • Finances, Technology and Transportation.
  • Music, Spanish and Literature Teacher.
  • Experience in teacher supervision
  • Speaks, Reads and Writes Spanish and English
  • Audio-Visual Arts
  • Technology
  • Web Building
  • Guitar Player
  • Vocalist
  • Composer of Music and Lyrics
  • Drawing
  • Orlando Fest: 2013  First Place Concert Choir
  • Orlando Fest: 2014 Second Place Concert Choir
  • Mennonite Academy Teacher of the Year 2013 and 2014
Yamuel Perez-Sanchez
  • 18 years of experience at DeSoto Memorial Hospital in Registration.
  • 3 years at Fawcett Memorial.
Rachel Arguijo
  • Lead Teacher for Reading and Composition.
  • Lead Teacher for “Anger Management” course for secondary students.
  • Professional training in Orton Gillingham Reading Programs.
  • Administrative and program skills utilized for 20+ prisons in the state of Florida.
  • Teacher at Half Way House for women prisoners….”100 Hours” transition skill program.
  • Adapted the above program for Ave Maria Prep.
  • Institutional Management experienced in managing a catering business.
Sister Mary Hope
Language Arts Teacher

  • Multi-sensory education
  • Individualization
  • Creative Arts Education
  • Regular and Exceptional Education
  • Public and Private Schools
  • ESE Specialist Resource Teacher
  • Behavior Management Coordinator for public schools
  • Leadership Roles in Curriculum Planning and Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Plans.
Caren Stocks
Youngest Students Teacher
  • BA-Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Minor: Mass Communications/ Math 

Rick Catlin
Math and History Teacher
  • Pet Therapy
  • First Aid
  • Teacher of Study Skills and Test Taking Skills
  • Twenty four years as a radiologic technologist
  • Five years as owner and manager of carry out restaurant
  • Three years in Women’s Apparel
Sister Edith Aliano
Director of Shepherd’s Field College
Science Teacher
  • Successful experience in mentoring and advocating for students with special learning needs, K-12.
  • ​​Development of Drama Therapy programs in public and private schools.
  • Personal acting, dancing and singing skills.
  • Parental Consultation
Ryan Brown
Theatre and Reading Teacher

  • (Includes CSI course for high school students employing investigative skills, critical thinking)
  • Family Integrity Training Certification:
  • Life Teen Leadership experience.
  • Event Reporter at Canadian Special Events
  • Intern at Canadian Cinematographer Magazine
  • News Reporter at The Digital Journal
Sister Solana D' Cunha
Social Skills Teacher
  • Overseer of ground maintenance
  • Assistant to teachers of young children
  • Coaching adults and children as to training animals.
  •  School Bus Drive for schools, handicapped services and senior living facilities.
  • Previous Owner and Director for Foster Care Program for Dogs. 
Jo Bitner

  • Experience with driving large vehicles
  • Experience driving through Goodwill Industries
  • Plant Management
  • Auto mechanics
  • Gardening
Will Foulkes


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